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Welcome to Aspendale Primary School


Aspendale Primary School has been educating the children of Aspendale and surrounding communities for nearly 90 years.


Proud of our successful past, we are also firmly focused on our mission - to equip every child in our care with the skills, knowledge and social competencies for a rewarding future in the 21st century.


Whilst over recent years Aspendale Primary School has grown from one of the smaller schools in the area to a mid-sized school, our commitment to the individual needs and improvement of every student in each class remains our focus. With a focus on the quality of teaching, students are supported by not only their own classroom teacher, but also other teachers across their year level as well a range of support staff.

  • Our students learn in a personalised school environment with access to a full and outstanding range of programs which focus on literacy, numeracy, thinking skills and student well being, extending and enriching the individual abilities and needs of each student across all areas of the Australian Curriculum (AusVels).
  • Our students play in a safe, attractive and stimulating outdoor environment: expansive, secure grounds, well-grassed and spacious playing fields, landscaped gardens, extensive play equipment, basketball/netball courts, a football oval and more. An outdoor environment conducive to cooperative play and social development, providing room to play a range of lunchtime ball games yet with ample shaded areas available for passive recreation also.
  • Our students benefit from the use of outstanding indoor facilities which are simply second to none in a primary school environment, including a full size Physical Education Hall/Gymnasium, Performing Arts facilities complete with stage, curtains, sound and lighting, well-resourced classrooms with networked computers across the school, all accommodating an ever-growing range of curriculum and enrichment programs. A full range of Specialist Programs includes Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Mandarin and Curriculum Enhancement.
  • Our staff plan collaboratively in small innovative professional teams, they know each other's children as well as their own, and easily share the nurturing and development of all children across their year level.
  • Our parent body actively contributes to the partnership between school and home, playing a vital role in the life of the school across all areas of operation.

Most importantly, underpinning the school culture and teaching pedagogy at Aspendale Primary is a clearly defined set of values; ~ Passion; Respect; Integrity; Commitment; and Empathy ; which articulate our approach to education and school life generally.



You are warmly invited to see Aspendale Primary in action
For an individual school tour, please do not hesitate to call.
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