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Teaching and Learning


Our teaching emphasis is focused on developing a personalised teaching program which allows for learning through inquiry, critical thinking and creativity, with a strong commitment to the use of a variety of Information and Communication Technologies across the curriculum. This includes the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program in Years 4-6. Inter@ct, a curriculum program which provides concept driven Inquiry Units, was introduced to Years 2-6 approximately 5 years ago, with ‘Discovery Learning’, our own school designed Guided Inquiry program, continuing in Foundation and Year 1. 


It is noted that the school has investigated the International Baccalaureate Program (Primary School Years) over the past 2 years and is now well positioned to commence this journey towards accreditation during the next Strategic Plan phase. This will replace the Interact Program and Discovery Learning.


Our Student Achievement data reflects strong academic results, above state benchmarks for some years, with strong individual student growth across Foundation to Year 6 also evidenced. Student learning is tracked and measured closely through the use of the software program, SPA, (Student Performance Indicator), as well as the school’s own Student Achievement data tracking system, assessment and reporting procedures including Class Teacher reports, AusVELS teacher reports and Team Reviews.


The Curriculum Enhancement Program has focused on both extending students and catering for those who require additional support.


With overall strong results against State Benchmarks, and ‘Similar Schools’, the school focus during this Strategic Plan phase has shifted to the extension of the ‘Capable/ At Expected’ cohort of students. For example, in 2016 20% of students working at the expected level in Writing and Number at the beginning of the year, were achieving above the expected level by the conclusion of 2016.  This focus will continue into the future.